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Building at Burns Beach


New Home Bonus

Each new homesite comes complete with the generous fencing and landscaping New Home Bonus, designed to add value to your home and help you to establish a desirable and attractive place in which to live. You’ll have 24 months after purchasing your block to claim your bonus – plenty of time to choose the home and garden design that suits your family’s personality and lifestyle.

If you've purchased your ideal Burns Beach homesite and ready to claim your new home bonus, download the fencing voucher and landscaping voucher.

Connecting to Telecommunications

Peet has contracted Service Elements to install the telecommunications infrastructure at Burns Beach.

To connect your new home, you will need to follow a few steps - please click here for an information sheet.  

Click here to LBN Co's New House Connecting Process & Pricing Document
Click here for LBN Co's Connection Guidelines for Owners and Builders 

Building Covenants

These building covenants have been prepared by Peet to assist you with designing your home to a high standard, maximising the value of your investment, complementing the natural surrounds and enhancing the quality of the Burns Beach community as a whole.

Stage Topaz
Stage Teal
Stage Sapphire
Stage Windsor
Stage Royal

Please note there are no design guidelines at Burns Beach, please refer to the above covenants.

Expert Advice

There is specific information your builder and finance broker will need to help ensure a smooth process when purchasing your new home. Our friendly sales team has all the details at their fingertips and is available to assist you at any time.

Submission of plans for Developers Approval
As part of the restrictive covenants and to comply with the terms and conditions of your fencing and landscaping package, all house plans need to be submitted for Peet’s approval prior to commencing construction. This is to ensure the plans comply with any conditions associated with the Lot.
You will need to send Residential Covenant Management (who assess the approvals on behalf of Peet) the following information:
  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations
Please ensure the above information is sent to:

Residential Covenant Management (RCM)
Judy Burnett
144 Emerald Drive
Carabooda WA 6033
(08) 9561 8405